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The Five Stages of Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

Do you know that having a life purpose leads to a better life, a stronger sense of meaning, increased happiness, and, most importantly, increased longevity, as concluded by the study "Association Between Life Purpose and Mortality Among US Adults Older Than 50 Years" by Alimujiang A, Wiensch A, Boss J, et al.?

Yes, a study of 6985 adults in the United States found that people who have goals, joy, or motivation not only live more active and healthy lives, but they also have better outcomes for sleep disturbances, stroke incidence, poststroke quality of life, diabetes, and depression. Furthermore, they have a lower all-cause mortality rate than those who do not have hope or something to look forward to.

Have you discovered your life's calling?

As you can see, living a meaningful life is critical for our overall health because it provides us with more than just a basic reason to live; it also allows us to actively engage with our lives, experiencing them fully, happily, and satisfied. Having a life purpose motivates us to improve our lives because it enables us to grow through learning, creating, and experiencing new things.

Life purpose can mean many different things to different people; each person must discover what that means to him or her. Its revelation can occur earlier in life, completely naturally and spontaneously, when we are still at the start of our life journey and simply know who we are meant to be. Our true purpose, on the other hand, can remain hidden and dormant for years, if not decades, as we try to figure out our calling through self-discovery.

Are you a late bloomer or an early bloomer?

When I was 14, I had to make my first major decision. I had to pick a high school that would shape my studies and, later, my career. In my country, the most recent school reform had just replaced a unified high school curriculum with specialized programs. For example, if you studied economics or art, you couldn't simply transfer to a different school with a different program. You would literally have to start from the beginning.

I was terrified and perplexed because I was aware of the significance of this decision. I had some pretty good ideas about what I wanted to do with my life, but none of them were grounded in the self-assurance or knowledge required for informed decision-making. I had no idea what my life was supposed to be about. So, as advised, I decided for economics, the field with the best prospects for my future career.

For a while, it worked. But as time passed and I went through years of soul-searching and spiritual growth, it became clear to me that I wasn't following my heart. I decided to investigate myself and discover what I was passionate about. When I realized what my life's mission had always been, there was no question about the changes I needed to make to start living it. Despite the surprise and disapproval of some people, I left my career without hesitation or regret and embarked on a completely different path. I dared to listen to myself for the first time. Then a whole new world appeared in front of me. It was like coming home, and my life took on new meaning.

Everyone has a unique story, and many people discover their calling sooner or later. Unfortunately, many people continue to live hidden behind the curtains of fear, going through life unfulfilled, unhappy, and bitter.

Five stages to discovering your purpose
I. Unawareness

You have no idea what you don't know. You live in a comfort zone where you simply follow someone else's path, idea, or plan, and you may even convince yourself that it was your idea. You don't question your life, you don't consider your purpose, and you value approval and acceptance from others. You have low self-esteem and are too afraid or weak to be authentic. You believe that destiny defines your life and that you have no control over the course of your life. You are inactive in shaping your future and do not make the most of your abilities.

II. Dissatisfaction

Life is not going as planned: problems arise in relationships, you feel blocked or stuck – there is no visible progress, your accomplishments do not provide deeper satisfaction, but rather a surface effect; life or work has lost its meaning. Unhappiness, restlessness, frustration, depression, agitation, anger, sadness, and regret are the prevalent emotions. There is internal pressure for change, as well as the risk of taking a passive approach and becoming stuck in a victim mode. Dissatisfaction can lead to jealousy, blaming, and resentment, as well as self-destructive behavior.

III. Change

Making a firm decision to change your life is a watershed moment even though you might not know what exactly you are meant to do or become. o find your purpose you have to find your passion first. But you are determined to act at this point, looking for solutions, motivation, answers, and conducting extensive research, education, and learning. You exist in a transitional state, not in the old nor in the new. You may be faced with a lack of understanding from those who do not want you to change, as well as being inspired by newly discovered role models or stories of success. Your emotions range from self-doubt, confusion, fear and hesitancy to excitement and hope. It's time to test the waters and try new approach, as well as to investigate various options. You experience rapid personal development and a growing trust in your abilities and inner guidance.

IV. Revelation

After all of your searching, you finally discover your mission and gain clarity about your purpose. Your life takes on a new meaning, and it begins to shift. You start noticing synchronicities, and new opportunities present themselves to you as a result of different energy and vibration within you – your reality starts to change. This stage allows for spiritual growth; you feel more in tune with yourself and connected to the world around you in a new way. A-ha moments, bliss, enthusiasm, and relief are all common. You are not yet in a new role; rather, you are preparing for a final step.

V. Manifestation

This is the stage at which you decide to take on a new role and accept your new reality. You are committed to living your life with this new meaning without reservation or doubt. It represents the realization of your dream, and you experience deep inner satisfaction and realignment with your purpose. You understand the significance of your role and are eager to share your talents with others. Your creativity is bursting forth, and manifestation knows no bounds. Being true to yourself creates the most natural results of success, abundance, and overall happiness in your life.

Someone once said, "The meaning of life is to find your gift, but the purpose of life is to give it away." How far have you progressed in your quest for a better life?



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