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To change the world, begin by changing yourself

The global reflects the local, just as the world reflects each of us. The sooner we realize that our actions and mindset affect everything around us, and that each of us leaves our mark on the collective consciousness, the sooner we will realize that we bear a huge responsibility for the reality in which we find ourselves. As many people believe today, there is no separation in the field of consciousness. We do not exist in separate worlds; we are intertwined whether we like it or not. We weave the fabric from which the image of the world is created collectively and individually through mutual interaction. As a result, accepting responsibility for our part in shaping our shared future is critical.

Disagreements between people, nations, and countries have always caused frictions, fights, and even wars throughout history. All of them are based on the belief that some are better, more worthy, even called by God, and thus, according to some twisted logic, entitled to a superior status, thereby changing, oppressing, and destroying others. Today, it is not much different, as we are constantly dealing with various forms of religious, social, and social bullying, intolerance, racism, chauvinism, and other types of discrimination, both on an interpersonal and collective level.

Rejecting those who think, believe, and look differently, as well as intentionally isolating by creating circles of like-minded people, is dangerous because it encourages more intolerance, violence, and oppression.

On a personal level, refusing to accept the world in all its beauty and diversity breeds narrow-mindedness, prevents personal growth, and thus prevents true, inner happiness. As a result, all of this contributes to a world full of hate, anger, and other negative emotions that no one wants.

Why is it so difficult for us to accept differences, whether they are ethnic, political, racial, sexual, religious, or otherwise? Why are we so bothered by differences in skin color, culture, opinion, behavior, values, and so on? Why can't we embrace our differences or others' success? Why do we reject it, become angry, mock, or humiliate others, want to prove ourselves right, try to change or even destroy others? Simultaneously, we expect, if not demand, that others accept us completely, respect our views and listen to our opinion, see our truth and act righteously toward us.

Also, we can be incredibly open and compassionate towards animals, especially our pets, melt around children, and pour our love to the poor we feel sorry for. Without remorse, we selectively open our hearts to those who are "to our liking," who share our opinion and do not shake our identity, who are blindly devoted to us and do not contradict us, while we could be anything but kind, accepting, or supportive to those whose differences we do not like. Why the duplicity?

Such behavior is motivated by a sense of being threatened, which is always motivated by fear. And our fears are deeply ingrained in our beliefs about ourselves and the world.

External personal or societal circumstances or events can trigger our fears at any time. But they are not the root cause of our fears. They cannot have a greater impact on us if we are consciously aware and focused on the positive. On the contrary, if our beliefs are negative, they can elicit a wide range of unpleasant reactions and negative emotions.

At various stages of our lives, various factors influence the beliefs that guide us. Many beliefs we subconsciously adopt from our parents and ancestors, while others are formed through our upbringing in which environment, society, life experiences, learning, and so on all play a role. Most of them are formed in our childhood, even though I see in my healing sessions that people have beliefs from before they were born. That is either from time spent in the mother's womb or from previous lives.

Beliefs shape our personalities and define our identities.

We think, speak, make decisions, and act most of the time based on our beliefs, and we experience the world through our personal perception of everything. We create our own vibration, which we project onto our lives and manifest through our relationships, events, and so on.

When we develop unhealthy, limiting, or false beliefs in ourselves, we develop a sense of threat and fear, which leads to a wide range of negative emotions such as dissatisfaction, anger, frustration, helplessness, envy, jealousy, and so on. As a consequence, impatience or intolerance, ill will, resentment, blaming, rudeness, insults, greed, unhealthy competition, stubborn resistance, disrespect, refusal to dialogue, and even the creation of parallel realities and delusions are common manifestations. The collective ramifications are even worse.

In this state, we begin to experience arguments and broken relationships, we feel misunderstood, and we see danger at every turn. We become prisoners of our own little world, where darkness eventually obscures the light and only weeds thrive instead of roses, for we are not ready to hear/see/accept others. Even worse, we see them as the culprits for our unhappiness and failure. In our negative world, our beliefs about being threatened by others only strengthen, and the circle is complete.

We can either continue with negative spiraling, or we can break free.

We must recognize that external factors, events, situations, and people that arouse our fears and cause negative reactions are symptoms of deeply ingrained beliefs within us that have been triggered. We may "save" ourselves by running, hiding, fighting it, removing it, or destroying it, but we did not address the root cause, and it is only a matter of time before the next threat arrives. Only by opening our hearts, confronting, and releasing our fears, and letting go of negative patterns will we be able to see that there is no need to blame or change others, to be on high alert and expect bad things, or to constantly defend ourselves from various threats.

When we have a healthy attitude toward ourselves and the world, we realize that the constant competition and struggle for survival is unnecessary, and that there is enough space for everyone in this world, despite many people's contrary interpretations.

Everyone, in some form or another, can find their place in the sun. Abundance and happiness are a reflection and result of your inner awareness, rather than being dependent on or threatened by external factors. The potential in the energy field is limitless, and it is largely dependent on us. Many physical limitations that we comprehend as obstacles are mere reflections of our own limitations in our perception of the world, which are not always in our conscious field, so we are often unaware of them.

We are incredibly freed when we work consciously on our personal growth by changing our unhealthy thinking patterns, facing our fears, releasing past traumas, and establishing love for ourselves first, because we no longer feel fear and the need to convince, change, or limit others. We cultivate a loving attitude, and most importantly, we become aware of our true worth and inner power. When we consciously allow light, positivity, joy, and love to flow through us, we begin to open up to the outside world in a healthy manner. We can accept everyone and everything, value and respect other people's opinions, cultures, habits, appearance, and so on, for they no longer pose a threat to us.

We raise and improve not only our own vibration, but we inspire people by striving for the greater good of all, where there is no room for discrimination or negativism in any form.

Otherwise, despite our blind faith in our own rights and our tendency to "save" humanity, we contribute to the world becoming hostile to everyone, including ourselves. The decision is entirely ours.

To summarize, if we want to change the world, we must change ourselves. If everyone strives to improve themselves, the world tomorrow will be full of people who participate to make the world a better, more inclusive place for all of us who share our pulse here.


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Violeta Burja

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