Every session is a very unique and revealing experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated personal approach which I passionately  practice in my studio.  Whether we connect in person or  on a distance, my healing sessions bring a different perspective on your body and its complexity,  awaken your spirit,  lift your energy  and  raise your awareness about the powerful connection in between your body, mind and soul.

My focus is on finding and releasing any blocked energy within your body and its root cause which can originate way back in your past. Imbalances in your energy levels play a significant role in your emotional, mental or physical health. They could be connected to anything from anxiety, anger, depression, panic attacks, etc. to unhealthy beliefs, emotions and life patterns as well as to any problems on a physical level.

Continue reading what happens during your session and below you can request to book a session for you or your loved ones. I am looking forward to meeting your soul.         

Intuitive Insight

Scan and Identify Blockages on Energy Level

During this first part of the session I check your energy which is part of your being, but on a finer, deeper level than your physical body.  I tune into your energy matrix (in-person or remotely) which means I look into those deeper layers of your body - emotional, mental, astral, spiritual - while connecting to the universal life energy. Here I can see if there are any blockages in your energy flow and also how they are manifested in your life. Through spiritual connection and channeling I receive important information about you and your life, also about your past and your relationships.   I can see what is blocking you and where the root cause of the problems is. 


Open Energy Flow and Re-Balance

After the first part which is mainly focused on receiving information about you,  I channel healing energy  directly to you to remove the blockages and to reopen the energy flow. My method is a combination of different healing techniques and I practice the use of crystals. They actively support the process and amplify the effect with their strong healing properties. The channeling of the energy and information is open until your energy balance is restored. 


Channeled Messages & Recommendations

During the consultation I talk to you in person or remotely via phone (distance session) and explain all the messages and information I received during the first half of the session.  This part is very important because it brings very valuable insight about your body as well as your life. The purpose of received messages is to help you understand what is a core problem in your situation from a spiritual point of view and where it stems from. These information raise your awareness about the connection in between mind, body and soul in your case and give you a different outlook on your situation. You will also receive suggestions for self-help.  


Reveals Deep Seated Source of Your Emotional or Physical Pain

Releases Blockages and Balances Energy Flow in a Body

Enables Healing Process

Reveals Mind-Body-Soul Connection in Your Case

Empowers and Enables Spiritual Transformation

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Initial Healing Session 

Without knowing anything about you, Violeta Burja reads your energy field and reveals the blockages that negatively affect your well-being. Through channeling, she helps you heal these blockages and guides you on your path of empowerment and personal growth.




Follow up Session

This session includes energy scanning, healing and consultation, but is more focused on progress and specific issues that were identified during the initial healing session.

1.5 h



Due to extraordinary circumstances with COVID-19 only distance sessions are available. Distance healing therapy is as accurate and efficient as in-person one according to my long-time experience with both. Energy does not apply to physical laws of time and space. Therefore, I can connect with you wherever you are.  


Before the session you will fulfill and submit a client form which is accessible online here on my website (Client Form). 


If you are a new client I will also need your recent photo before the session.

You can send it to: 210 - 862 - 1574.


Approximately 15 minutes prior to our session I send you a reminder via text and you confirm that you will be ready for a start. During this first part, we are not online via phone.

I suggest resting and relaxing without any disturbances on your part. Find a comfortable place where you can be alone and close your eyes. You can listen to relaxing music, natural  sounds, etc. If you want, you can even meditate, or just observe your body's sensations and focus on your breathing. I advise against the use of your phone, watching tv etc. It is not forbidden and it will not harm you or affect my process, but you will have more profound experience and will benefit more if you follow these instructions. It is also nothing wrong if you fall asleep. It should be a nice, calming and relaxing experience.

During this time, I work on you on a distance and write down all the information I receive about you. When I'm done with the first part, I send you a text.


After you receive a text, I'll call you over the phone, and then we'll continue with the second part. Here I explain all the information I've received and seen while working on your energy, and you ask questions. We're talking on the phone, Viber, What's up or Skype.

Although these messages I receive about you are all channeled, this therapy work has nothing to do with fortune telling. It is a serious therapeutic energy work with the intention of healing, rebalancing your body, mind and soul, and empowering for positive changes in your life.


I accept payments with Credit Cards or via PayPal.

Energy Healing Sessions are not currently covered by insurance.