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My Purpose

I have been dedicated to helping people with their emotional, physical, or spiritual changes on their life journey because I truly believe that we are all connected on a deeper level and create this world together. I also think that most people are not aware of their inner strength and their abilities to create a better life. 


Therefore, my mission is not only to to help people heal from their pain, but foremost to recognize and understand their harmful patterns as well as their root causes that negatively affect their lives, to learn from them and to make meaningful changes. I strive to help them better understand their creative potential, and to show them how to connect to their souls and empower themselves. 



My Story

Already as a child I was very empathic and intuitive, but I began my spiritual journey in my late teens when I was introduced to yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. At that time I had my first vision of the world beyond physical which left me breathless and intrigued. I write about this encounter in one of my blog posts.  

Ever since, my extrasensory abilities to see into people's lives through their energy, to communicate with the spiritual world and to channel energy have been growing. For the last 30 years, I have been continuously researching spirituality and metaphysics, learning and practicing various alternative healing methods and constantly developing my intuitive and healing skills to help others heal, transform and move forward. 

In my personal life, my husband and my daughters are my soulmates, and we share love with our chocolate brown Labrador. I love creativity, from art and photography to decorating and cooking, being out in the nature or traveling, learning about history and different cultures, but particularly being inspired by open-minded people and their stories. A special place in my heart is devoted to my beautiful homeland of Slovenia and my friends.


Reiki Usui Do Master

Reiki Kundalini Master

Crystalogist III 

Angel Practitioner

Reflexologist I, II


versed also in 

Greek Mythology Tarot

Color Therapy

Tibetan Bowls Therapy


More than 10 years of practice

(One-on-One & Distance)

with numerous clients from

the US and Europe 


 30 years of continuous spiritual study and research of different alternative healing approaches and methods


I`ve been empath all my life.  I feel people's emotions and their pain and deeply understand what they go through which is really important and necessary in the process of healing.


I can access information about your life from your energy field and from the spiritual realm through my extrasensory abilities without any prior knowledge about you and without your physical presence.


Each client receives detailed information with complete channeling as a part of the session.

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