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1. What will my first session be like? 


During the first part, you'll be laying on the table, with closed eyes and clothes on (I suggest something, you feel comfortable in); during the session you just relax and enjoy; there is minimal touch during the session, usually just feet, head and shoulders. If you`re more sensitive to energy, you might feel pleasant tingling, temperature change, streaming of energy inside your body, even see colors or more with your inner eye. 
During the second part, you'll receive all the information and messages, I got for you, with suggestions for further progress.

2. Who can benefit from an energy healing session?


Healing with the universal life energy can benefit persons of any age, in any state of health. It does not matter, whether you are a business executive or a worker, an athlete or a soldier, a student or  a parent, everybody has challenges to overcome. In today's society, we face numerous challenges, from personal to business ones, and lead a very fast, stressful pace of life. That makes us all vulnerable, all in need for recharging and re-balancing.

3. How long does one session last?


The first session with the client takes 2 hours, because I'm getting to know the client, the follow up sessions take about 90 minutes each, for  insight, healing and consultation.

4. How many healing sessions are recommended?


There is no required number of sessions, at all. It depends on your needs, on your energy levels and how much progress you want to make in your situation.Also, every session reveals just the most important information about client's life situation, that can be brought to his awareness, at this particular stage of his life. So, as we grow spiritually, more and more layers of our being become revealed to us, and only then we get the chance, to see them, and learn new lessons.

5. How does a virtual session look like?


For clients, who cannot come in person, distance healing is an equally good option. Energy work does not abide by the physical laws, so time and distance do not play an obstacle here.  In my experience, healing session is equally accurate and effective, even when a person is on the other side of the world.  In the case of distance healing, client does not have to be in contact with me at the time of the session via phone or other media. After I finish the session, I pass all the information to the client in a conversation via phone.  For more about my distance sessions here.

6. Do you treat clients with severe health problems?


Yes, they can come to my session, but I always strongly recommend still following patient's doctor's orders and regimen, especially with terminal or chronic illness. I cannot treat people with mental illness.

7. Are there any side effects with this type of healing?


There`re no side effects with this type of healing, there`re only positive effects possible, however we encourage the clients under any medical treatment to follow the recommended treatment plan by their physician. 

8. Are energy healing sessions covered by insurance?


Energy healing sessions are not covered by insurance companies.

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