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7 Steps to Manifestation

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

"If only I were successful, healthy, loved, and happy!" These are some of the most wished-for desires among people all over the world. The big question is still how to make them come true, despite the fact that we manifest our reality every moment of our lives. Yes, our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions are powerful manifestation tools that attract events, situations, people, and things like magnets. Are you aware of this? Take these steps if you want to manifest what you want.

1. Take charge of your own life

Once you accept that you are the creator of your life, rather than a helpless victim tossed around like a leaf in the wind, you realize that you have the ability to change its course at any time. Nobody else can do it in your place or knows you as well as you do. Recognize that your current situation is the result of previous decisions, and that you can now make different ones based on who you have become and what you have been through. The past no longer defines you. Alternatively, it provides valuable lessons that you can apply to your own benefit and personal growth. Only through transformative change from within can you reset everything around you and achieve the breakthrough you require.

2. Dig deep and connect with yourself

Be truthful with yourself and try to answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible:

  • What is your issue/need?

  • What do you want to change or accomplish?

  • What are your top priorities? What are your core values?

  • What do you want to focus on?

  • Can you imagine a different reality?

  • Are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone? What are you willing to give up, invest in, or change?

  • What is it that prevents you from acting - fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of judgement or mockery, fear of change, shame, guilt, low self-esteem... - and why?

  • Are your beliefs and desires in sync? If not, how can you change them?

3. Make a decision and create your vision

Make a firm decision about your personal and/or business objectives. Don't second-guess yourself once you've decided what you want to achieve, change, or receive. Begin visualizing it as if it were already real in your mind. Feel as many emotions as possible in this new reality, using all of your senses. Maintain this vision in the back of your mind at all times, and make time for "day-dreaming." You can also create a vision board and place it somewhere visible to remind yourself of your goal.

4. Take the initiative

Make a consistent effort to work on your desired outcome, doing everything in your power to move you closer to it. Seek out opportunities, put yourself out there, be willing to invest time, energy, and money, and never give up. Work on yourself and make the best decisions you can. It is ineffective to just sit around and visualize without doing anything. When an opportunity presents itself, seize it.

5. Ask the Universe for guidance and have faith in the outcome

When you've done everything possible, trust that an answer, solution, or desired outcome is already on its way to you. When you put your faith in the "hands" of a higher power, don't question or try to block manifestation by imagining possible outcomes. Simply ask for things to unfold in a way that is beneficial to you and everyone involved. This is critical because you do not want to manifest in a way that is harmful to anyone. Observe what is going on in your life, and be open to new opportunities, new relationships, new information, or any unexpected signs, as manifestation can occur in the most unexpected ways.

6. Maintain a positive attitude

It is especially important to keep your emotions and thoughts positive in order to stay in the zone where creation is possible. Be patient with the process while remaining firm in your faith. It is completely normal to have bad days or feel discouraged from time to time. Making mistakes is also a part of the journey because it allows us to learn, correct our actions, and improve. Express your frustration in a healthy way, let go of any negative thoughts, and re-balance as soon as possible.

7. Believe and be thankful

Maintain your focus on the big picture and trust in a desired outcome without limiting beliefs or expectations. Believe in infinite abundance and the universal law of attraction. Know that anything is possible as long as you see it as such and keep the vision in your head.

Gratitude is one of the most important virtues to cultivate because it allows you to keep your heart open and thankful for everything that life has to offer. It makes you aware of your uniqueness, your gifts, and your progression through time.


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