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Is life defined by fate or free will?

How many times have you heard anyone say, "It is just not in my cards to be this or that, to have something, to live in a certain way, or to be in a loving relationship in this lifetime". And then, the heavy sigh, like things are forever locked in a stone, and there is nothing anyone can do to change them.

It is nonsense, and it is far from being real. Luck or "cards" have nothing to do with how your life unfolds or with your ability to prosper.


Unlike other living creatures on this world, human beings have the free will and the ability to think and make conscious decisions.


Rational or irrational, spontaneous or determined, wise or dumb, whatever our decisions are, we are the ones who make them. It is widely thought that decision-making simply implies a call for action. Yet it is passive, too, when we agree not to do something. This, too, has a certain impact and consequences.

So, we shape our future with everything we think, say, or do. And our present state shows us the results of our past actions. We are co-creators of our lives, but not all of us are aware of this remarkable ability.

It is amazing how many women and men still do not know it is in their power to change their lives. Some assume that something happens by chance, they believe in coincidences, good or bad luck, and they see themselves as victims while others are only fortunate.

They walk through life, tossed like leaves in the wind. Others are so shut down and detached from their hearts that they do not even know their own suffering, that they are in deep denial and totally unawaken.

Some are aware of the imbalances in their lives, but they cannot go any further than to wonder and lament about their miserable or dull life, to blame others and cruel fate for their suffering. Typically, they resent others for their "success" and never meet their potential.


It does not have to be like that. Just existing, hoping for something positive to happen to us, and then dying while hoping, is not why we are here.


No, it would have been pointless. Instead, I firmly believe that each of us has a specific mission to fulfill. And we come with the tools, the experience, and the power to do it.

Life as a labyrinth maze with many possibilities

At the energy level, our life plan or our potential is imprinted when we are born, ready to be unveiled as we develop and learn. Within this frame of endless combinations, we make choices every day. It is like a hidden gem that is yet to be discovered in our lives.

Each one of us comes to this world with a range of opportunities, lessons, and challenges. We are all born with different talents, abilities, or disabilities, in the chosen circumstances of life to fulfill the main purpose.

I saw it clearly, the life frame, each of us is born into. With all this numerous dots in between, each representing the crossroad where we choose how to proceed. Our life looks like a vast maze of endless paths and crossroads to choose from. Everyone has a unique labyrinth with its own obstacles within a certain frame. Through it, we will use our free will to explore a variety of possibilities for hitting the exit or reaching our full potential. About 20 percent of our life is predetermined, but the other 80 percent depends on our free will. It may or may not happen.

Every time we come to one of the crossroads in the labyrinth, we are faced with a range of choices on how to proceed. We may choose to go left, right, forward, or backward, or just wait. Often in life, we go in circles and repeat the same cycle all over again before we learn the lesson and hopefully find our way forward.

We meet different people on our journey, who help us see or understand something, who are our teachers or our students, who accompany us all or part of our life. They support us with their positive approach, or they push us into the unknown, they love us or hate us, either way, they show us the signs on our path and help us to grow. If only we can read the signs.


Our decisions also determine how we are going to go through our lives, with happiness, love, and hope, or with constant suffering, misery, and pain. Are we going to learn from others, or do we need to experience something on our own? Are our own mistakes making us stronger and more resilient, or do we just give up on the first obstacle?


We learn our lessons at our own pace because we are in various stages of our spiritual journey. Each of us has a different level of knowledge, comprehension, and consciousness that we have brought into this life from our previous ones. Sometimes, you hear that someone is an old soul which means that he or she has already gone through many incarnations on a soul level.

Not everybody achieves their capacity in this lifetime. And, it is rare to make progress all the time. We do have our share of life's struggle or digress. And some people manage their lives pretty well, make strides in spiritual development, and die happy and satisfied, without any regret.

In the opposite, there are those who do not get to their finish line as they would like. Whether they give up somewhere along the way, or they cannot find a way out of the maze of life. They are getting lost or they are not paying attention until it is too late.


We can try to become the best versions of ourselves, or we can accept the role of the victim who cannot get through the circumstances of life and get stuck.


Our life is a synthesis of our free will within the constraints of our life. That is very inspiring, as we have the opportunity to make the best of our lives. We still have the power to control our thoughts and feelings, our words, and our behavior, so it is up to us how we react, what we become, and how we live our lives.

I believe in the resilience and spirit that is so deeply rooted in us. And, I know that it takes some time to discover and learn to use those powers. I see, too, that we are more likely to make any real changes when we are forced into the corner, because there is no other choice left.

But we do have access to our inner wisdom, we can all tap into 24/7, guidance from the Universe, Nature, Source or God (whatever you want to call it), and free will that allows us to make the most of our life while here on the physical plane.


Therefore, I wish you had the strength to live, the will to learn and the motivation to always pursue your dreams. The opportunity and the potential are already there!


Love and Light,

Violeta Burja

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