with Violeta burja

Mind-Body-Soul Healing

Reiki and Energetic Treatments

Channeling of Information

Spiritual Guidance

Motivation & Empowerment


with Violeta burja

Mind-Body-Soul Healing

Reiki and Energy Treatments


Spiritual Guidance

Motivation & Empowerment


with Violeta burja

Mind-Body-Soul Healing

Reiki and Energy Treatments


Spiritual Guidance

Motivation & Empowerment


As a highly intuitive Reiki Usui Do Master with long-standing experience, certified also in Crystal Healing, Kundalini Reiki and Reflexology, it is my purpose and passion to heal, empower and inspire people on their journey to well-being and personal growth.  I believe that  we are all meant to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled in our lives.  I can help you connect with your inner power, rebalance your mind, body and soul,  and make positive changes for a better future.

"We have come to this life to experience, to learn, to create and to grow on a soul level.
That is our purpose."

Violeta Burja

energy healing sessionS

With Revealing Messages about Your Body, Mind & Soul 


This session brings unexpected insights into your psyche and includes:

  • Personal Energy Field Reading 

  • Discovery of Your Blockages

  • Revelation of the Root Cause 

  • Energy and Chakra Cleanse 

  • Rebalancing of Your Energy Flow

  • Channelled Messages and Guidance

  • Suggestions for Self-Help  

  • Conversation with Explanation


  • Currently, I only work distance sessions because of Covid-19, but I'm planning on having in-person sessions soon, probably in April 2021.

  •  I have been working remotely with many clients from other parts of the country or abroad for more than a decade, and in my experience both, in-person or distance work, are equally effective. Physical laws as time and distance do not adhere to energy healing.


  • Reveals the Spiritual Source of Your Issue and its Effect on Your Life

  • Boosts your Healing Process

  • Improves Your Levels of Energy

  • Strengthen the Power of Your Will

  • Encourages Positive Changes

  • Connects you with Your Higher Self and your Guides

  • Helps with Personal Development and Spiritual Transformation

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


Buddha Statue

Alenka Štefanič Splichal, SLO

“I’ve known Violeta for almost 20 years, and trust her based on my past experience with her. Therefore, I was very happy, when she was ready to do my reading.  It was thorough, and I can confirm that everything she saw, was 100% accurate. With her method, she goes even further and offers help in the form of techniques, which can be practiced at home, in order to help transform harmful life patterns.”

Daniel McKinski, San Antonio TX

“Dear Violeta, I want to thank you for restoring my life purpose! I've gone through many hard times, and needed a lot of help. When you crossed my path, you gave me hope, you made me believe again that I can achieve the thing I always wanted, and you took away all my pain and sorrow.Thank you for giving me a new look on life. I now believe that all my dreams will come true, and I know you can feel my spirit, my positive energy within me. I can’t describe, how grateful I am.”

Romana Dernovsek, SLO

"Violeta presented me with the thesis about souls, reincarnation and pain, we carry in our lives. She`s the one, who explained to me that we keep receiving the same life lesson, until we resolve it and outgrow it, which has confirmed in my life over and over again. She`s the one who felt my pain, when I was down, and  who, without any explanation, saw through me, and read my life situation, hidden behind the standard smile, to the point. Violeta has abilities beyond the comprehension of us, mere mortals. She knows, how to open new doors and windows, invisible to the rest of us, she knows how to help, understand and motivate, guide and calm. From my experience, I happily recommend her to everybody – to spiritual experts as well as to those in trouble, without energy, and in need of encouragement, but also to those who are just curious – meeting with her will bring your spirit up.”

"People are like lightbulbs, some shining brighter than others, but all connected to the same source."

Violeta Burja


Empowering and helping other souls on their journey through time is my passion and my life path.  I hope sharing my knowledge and experience as well as channeled information from the world beyond physical will inspire you for a positive change.


“If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path. ” – Gautam Buddha

Rise and Shine Weekly Message 

You don't have to

• go to India to become enlightened
• become rich to achieve happiness
• have a partner to feel loved
• be perfect to become successful
• satisfy others to be accepted
• go through hardship to grow as an individual
• be religious to connect to God

Listen to your Soul instead, it already knows all the answers.

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Reiki is life energy, chi, prana, ki, cosmic or universal energy which permeates everything that exists. It is also a system of healing on a physical as well as on a spiritual level with numerous benefits for our lives.

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