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I am very happy and excited to meet you here, I suppose you are interested in a different, holistic healing approach and you are curious how it could help you with your issue. If you are in emotional or mental distress right now, if your soul hurts or you suffer from physical pain, energy healing is proven in many studies to be beneficial and can help you get better.


It works on those deeper levels of your being, which are pure energy and represent your emotions, your mentality, and your spirit. Keeping these levels healthy and in balance is necessary for overall health, stamina and longevity. And good energy flow in our body plays an important role not just in our physical well-being, but it is also a key factor for finding true happiness, meaning and inner peace.  

As an intuitive energy healer (certified Reiki Usui Do Master, Kundalini Reiki II Therapist, Crystal Therapy III Practitioner, Reflexologist I, II), a speaker and a writer, I am very passionate about helping people to become empowered from within, which I pursue through my healing work and raising awareness about mind-body-soul connection.

My method differs from others for I use my extrasensory abilities to access and see information about one's life from his energy field and spiritual world without any prior knowledge about a person . This allows me to discover and heal deep seated source of emotional or physical distress on energy level, and to re-balance the energy flow. 

If you want to know more or you want to schedule your session with me, I invite you to contact me via or on (+1) 210-862-1574.

Violeta Burja

The Founder of HEAL Holistic Studio

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 I cannot wait to work with you again in-person,

but currently I am doing only distance sessions because of Covid-19.


Physical laws (such as distance or time) do not refer to energy healing.

Distance healing is as efficient as in-person healing, according to my experience.

More than a decade of distant healing work.



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