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What is blocking you?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Knowing your blockages is the first step in changing your life and creating a better future.

A lady in her thirties is lying in front of me on a massage table in my studio. She looks calm, her eyes closed, and there is no sign of worry or stress. Her breathing is slow and steady. I do not know about her life, or why she came to my session. I have not asked. I never do that.

And then, as I check her energy levels, those deeper, finer layers of her body where blockages are shown, my information channel opens. Suddenly, I see and know that this woman suffered tremendous emotional and physical pain in her childhood. I know she was the victim of sexual abuse by someone close to her, and she has never treated this trauma properly.

I see it as a strong blockage, affecting her emotional life and her relationships even today, decades after the abuse. It has caused her a lot of anger, fear, guilt, and shame. Not being able to express her emotions in a safe way, without a professional consultation and guidance, she swept everything under the rug, and buried her pain as deep as she could to forget and live on.

What she did not know is that it does not matter how well we hide our pain, or how much we convince our minds not to think about it, it stays inside of us and does not lose its power. In fact, all unprocessed traumas are heavy burdens that pull us down and negatively affect our mental and emotional health, our happiness, our relationships, and our success until we release them.

This information often comes as a surprise to people at first. They have no idea that something from a distant past can be linked to their marriage, career, self-esteem, addiction, ... yet alone, that it is the primary cause of their problems.

But once I show them a connection between the blockage and their problems, and talk about their lives without knowing their past beforehand, they can see everything from a different perspective, and they can understand how they have been disabled because of these unsolved past experiences.

There are all kinds of blockages that we have got inside. It could be a single traumatic event or experience that we have been exposed to for a longer period of time. Some of them were formed a long time ago, during childhood or even earlier, in the uterus during pregnancy, and some form later, after years of living in a certain lifestyle or emotional / mental state.

On the one side, the environment and our relationships greatly and significantly influence our experience of life, but our characters and survival mechanisms are no less crucial in addressing and managing challenges. So, two people, growing up in the same family, with the same parenting style and exposed to the same traumatic experiences, will react in a different way.

Not every problem you encounter or every emotional state that you experience has a root cause in your childhood. And your parents are not to blame for every single problem in your life.

But if you feel you can't move on from a certain situation no matter what you do, if you're stuck and can't find a solution, if there is no apparent explanation for your problems, or you find yourself living the same patterns all over again, you might consider discovering a deeper cause of your problems.

You can only see other options and make a positive change in your life when you are ready to dig deeper into your psyche and change. When you have made that step, work on yourself will begin. Finally, you 're starting to face something that you've pushed away for too long.

The process could give rise to some painful memories that you must release and fears that you must face. These concerns keep many from changing. Because, it is easier to stay in your known territory even though you feel it is not good for you. To turn your life around and change for a better you need willingness to take responsibility for your life, determination to make a change, and courage to act and persist.

Once you embark on this journey you discover it is an incredibly rewarding process that makes you stronger and more self-confident. It gives you renewed energy and opens your eyes to new possibilities and hope. You finally see your bigger potential and start trusting yourself. When the blockages that prevented you from living fully are finally released, you feel like the weight from your shoulders is finally lifted and you are free.

Freeing your soul from all needless constraints and suffering in this physical world, and living life as you deserve, is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Like my client, who eventually understood that she was no longer a victim of her past by releasing it and forgiving herself as well as her abuser.

More about forgiveness in my next blog post.

Rise and Shine


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