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The lessons from the pandemic

We are part of a big historical global change that is transforming the world right now. Nobody is excluded from this, as the entire world has stopped to face the same problem and overcome it. As a human being, each of us has a unique choice to appreciate the deeper meaning that we are given here, and to see it specifically as a tremendous opportunity to discover and apply sustainable solutions to the future of our race and planet Earth.

Since we've been so intertwined with our way of life, with our emotions almost numb to ever-increasing disasters and tragedies, living in our own bubbles, detached from reality outside our backyards, we haven't even seen where we're headed as a humanity. And, a lot of people didn't bother to know or care about others.

Most people don`t look any further than their own interests, because the guiding principle in life is first and foremost profit, money, power, connections, fame, ego, winning, more profit ... It is the same at other levels of our society and on a global scale, since these are just projections of our values and beliefs as individuals.

Nature is showing us the other way

The pandemic is the ultimate way for Nature to:

· Stop the world in its throes of self-destruction (emotional, mental and physical) caused by greed and deceit, exaggerated consumerism, merciless destruction of ecosystems, selfish behavior, lack of compassion and kindness, unhealthful lifestyle, and loss of our true purpose and faith.

· Force us to finally divert our attention from all the daily choruses and distractions to what really matters - our focus is on the basics of life, without all the decorations that we have surrounded ourselves with, so that we can re-evaluate our own existence and way of life.

· Show us our true self with a whole range of feelings, weaknesses and strengths to see what we are made of – what our character is; it doesn't matter what we're doing for living, how many hours we've spent building our careers, how important our statuses are, how much we own and how many people we know – no, the only thing that counts right now is our emotional and mental balance and our ability to keep the positive mindset in the midst of chaos and craziness outside.

It’s personal and global

The pandemic affects individuals, companies, industries, countries, the whole of humanity. It's a multi-layer situation that brings shifts in almost every aspect of our lives. It's a massive energy-level earthquake that shakes us to the core and challenges us to broaden our horizons and open our hearts. Each and every one of us, as well as the whole world, can benefit greatly from this if we cease to ignore natural laws and change the way we function and live today.

As a human race, we are blessed with our minds, our free will and our brilliant ability to adapt and invent new ways of living. If we could just set aside our egos and lower desires and act in the higher good of all, our world would look a lot different. I agree, that would be ideal, and we're a long way from there, but we can still learn a few lessons and start taking steps in that direction.

What are these steps?

1. Cooperation vs Individualism

The power lies in communication, teamwork and collaboration. Every day, we see how important it is to help each other, to exchange know-how, resources and goods, not just between countries, but also on a personal level. Now more than ever, we realize the importance of health workers, service men and women, and all volunteers, who are true heroes and help those in need without ceasing to risk their lives. We can all learn from their altruism and compassion, and we can begin to recognize them more.

It is also clear that the whole world is in the same situation and that the power and benefit for the whole world is to help each other, to learn from each other and to coordinate at a global level. The economies are so dependent on each other and interconnected in many ways that it is impossible to act alone and to expect success. As long as one part of the world remains infected, we will all be affected economically and in constant danger.

In recent months, we've learned how important it is to be a team player. As long as we are not on the same side with respect to the same rules, there is no win. Until each and every one of us understands that we all have to abide by the same rules in order to avoid the spread of infection, there will be casualties and consequences. Now, it is crucial to be united in our actions, to place a higher interest above our ego, which many still mix with their rights and do not want to sacrifice because they may not yet be personally affected.

We can all be part of a solution and a positive change if we understand our global interconnection. We're all like the drops in the vast ocean of energy, and the actions or movements of one person make the ripples and waves that affect the entire ocean, in a positive or negative way.

2. Spiritual vs Material

As we see, the COVID-19 doesn't choose between the poor and the rich, anonymous and famous, ... it doesn't matter, and all the money in this world can't buy anyone's health or survival right now. Those people whose immune systems are better, who have been healthier and stronger on a physical, mental and emotional level, have the best chances, not the most powerful, richest, most beautiful or best-dressed.

Our real power does not have anything to do with material things, with our status or external appearance, but rather comes from within and is spiritual.

In our culture, we have been more drawn to the outside world, engaged with the things and people around us than immersed in our inner self. A lot of people don't even know how to do it, or they don't want to deal with themselves, because it's not fun and it's hard. But, as the physical world is just one level of our existence apart from the emotional, mental and spiritual level, it is important to build a balance at all levels if we want to be strong, especially in a crisis.

Being at home and with all the extra time, we have a great opportunity to work on balancing our lives, to get to know ourselves, to find strength within ourselves, and to connect with our inner wisdom. There are a lot of ways to do this, from taking personal time to get acquainted with it, by reading or listening to experts from this field, trying different alternative healing approaches, practicing mindfulness, relaxing with meditation, yoga or breathing techniques, or just tuning into our creativeness to express ourselves.

3. Eco-awareness vs Pollution

With economies stopped all over the world, we suddenly see clearer waters, dolphins in the Venice Canals, clear skies with no air pollution above the cities, the Himalayan peaks in their full glory... In this short time, when we have been forced to stop our heavy industries, traffic pollution, etc., nature has shown us the other side, how it could be if we were only to change our ways, if we were finally to apply healthier options to our lives, if we were only to stop intentionally destroying nature and ourselves.

The Earth has begun to breathe again. It shows people through this pandemic how hard it is to catch a breath when something attacks you and you can't fight back. Now, if we understand the message, it's our choice again. We can stop contributing to the return of old ways, or we can continue to pollute, ignore, and deceive ourselves that this is not our responsibility. Like it or not, it is our duty to think about future generations and to start living in a way that minimizes pollution in our waters, land and air so that our children can breathe.

Let me finish with this quote from Ceremonial Elders of Whapmagoostui, QC Canada, from their recent messages in connection to COVID-19:

" It`s only through deep spiritual knowledge and understanding that humans can evolve."


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