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Steps for Self-Love

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Self-love is not something we need to earn, nor it is a special treatment reserved only for the perfect conditions or our greatest achievements. There are no requirements for us to allow ourselves to practice it. No, it is our right and it should become a daily practice, something so natural, as breathing.

Changing self-perception and opening to self-love requires understanding what self-love is.

Self-love is a natural state that we all strive to achieve, because it makes us feel whole and connected with our true inner power. Loving yourself means:

  • Being content in your body and in tune with yourself

  • Accepting yourself completely and unconditionally

  • Respecting and cherishing your own desires and needs

  • Having healthy boundaries and reasonable expectations

  • Being patient with yourself but aware of your potential

  • Feeling proud about your uniqueness

Accept the past as something that doesn't define you anymore

Regardless of all the defining experiences you went through growing up, and believe me, none of us were spared of bumps or challenges, understand that you can`t change the past but you can change how you feel today. Forgive, release and disconnect from any toxic connections to your past. Find what has been blocking you from moving on and claim your power back. Find out more in my blog post “Forgive to break free from your past”.

Acknowledge who you are today

Self-love is basically seeing and acknowledging yourself, practicing self-compassion and forgiving yourself for the past mistakes and wrongdoing (while taking responsibility and learning from them, of course). It is accepting your uniqueness and building on it instead of striving for perfection. Be proud of your story and express your authenticity without fear and self-doubt.

Re-Discover yourself

Appreciate your needs and strive for your self-fulfillment as a creative, being instead of sole focus on others’ needs on expense of your own happiness. Find what makes you happy, what makes your heart sing, discover a new hobby, unleash your creativity, and set up some goals for yourself. Achieving them will boost your self-confidence and help you see a new purpose. Life will get a new meaning and you will find excitement and joy again.

Listen to your inner guidance and take care of yourself

Practice intuition and listen to your feelings, allow them to guide you through life. Your body’s innate wisdom always shows you the best direction and can never work against your well-being. Be nice and patient with yourself, take care of your physical and emotional needs, your body can regenerate quicker when you lead healthy balanced lifestyle, and you surround yourself with supporting people and positive energy.

Awaken your spirit and raise your awareness

Take some time to self-reflect and to connect with your higher self. The best way to do it is practicing mindfulness, meditating, breathing exercises, journaling, yoga, tai-chi etc. Spending time outside helps us connect with the nature and its healing, invigorating properties. Educate yourself about the power of the spirit and open your senses to higher realms, open your heart center and choose positivity, love, acceptance, joy and oneness.

Benefits of Self-Love
  • becoming whole

  • embracing yourself on a deeper personal level

  • feeling strong, healthy and motivated

  • experiencing lasting happiness and inner peace

  • achieving self-realization

  • being able to experience true love

  • having healthy relationships


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My purpose is to help empower people on their journey of personal growth through energy healing and spiritual guidance with focus on finding inner root cause through channeling and connection with the energy world.

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Violeta Burja

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