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Self-Love - Symptoms & Causes

Self-love is the best gift we can give ourselves, but it is all too often forgotten on the shelves of our lives. Its significance is unnoticed and its healing power untapped. It is free, available at any time, limitless, and even lifesaving, yet many people ignore its value and seek happiness, confirmation, and love elsewhere. They have no qualms about endowing others and fulfilling their desires while ignoring their own needs, desires, and even values.

Do you have a habit of putting others first and neglecting yourself?

Do you believe that others are better, more talented, more beautiful, have more opportunities, and deserve more happiness and love than you? Or do you consider self-love to be completely unnecessary, even a sign of selfishness or perhaps a sin? Aren't you tired of not being important enough to be noticed, listened to, and loved?

Symptoms of a lack of self-love

If you answered yes, your levels of self-love are severely low, already affecting your self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, relationships, blocking your heart center, and preventing you from enjoying being yourself.

If we develop the belief that we are unimportant for whatever reason, we are on a good path to first dislike who we are, to become our own harshest critics, to deny ourselves any praise or credit, and to become dissatisfied with ourselves. Later, this can lead to constant negativity, the feeling of being a powerless victim, mistreatment, or abuse at the hands of others, self-harm or self-punishment, loss of dignity and self-respect, abandonment of any hope for a better life, and missed opportunities for true happiness and self-realization.

What causes us to feel so insignificant in our own eyes?

We all have love within us; it is present in every cell of our bodies because it is a divine substance from which we are all made. As newborns, our intentions and hearts are pure; what happens later is a different story. As we go through life, we accumulate various experiences from our families, environment, relationships, events, education, and so on, which affect and shape our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

It should be natural to love yourself because each of us is an incredibly unique being worthy of admiration. However, there are many people who are loving, kind, and compassionate to others but do not believe they deserve the same treatment. They struggle to form healthy loving relationships with themselves, which manifests itself in a great deal of pain, loneliness, anxiety, depression, broken families, addiction, and even crime.

In my sessions, I see that self-love is a very common issue when one's vital energy flow is blocked.

It manifests in various ways and at multiple levels, depending on the underlying cause. There are many causes for this deep dissatisfaction and inability to accept and love oneself, but in my experience with reading people's energy, the roots usually begin in childhood or adolescence, and primary families play a significant role.

What is the source of this lack of self-esteem that is visible in our energy field as a blockage?

The following are the most common reasons for blockages in this area:

  • Troublesome or unhealthy relationships in primary family

  • Parental absence (death, divorce, physical or emotional distance)

  • Growing up in a home with unhealthy behavioral patterns

  • Imposed distorted thinking

  • Experiencing only conditional love and manipulation, had to earn love

  • Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse

  • Lack of self-love role model in one or both parents

  • “Unseen" by family members

  • Mocked, bullied, or punished for being true to him-/herself

  • Not permitted or supported in expressing personal potential

  • Displaying love and expressing emotions was deemed unnecessary

  • Self-love was regarded as an act of selfishness, if not vanity.

In my next blog post, Self-Love Part II, I discuss how to transition from a self-sabotager to a self-lover. Learn how to show yourself some love and make a positive change in your life.


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My purpose is to help empower people on their journey of personal growth through energy healing and spiritual guidance with focus on finding inner root cause through channeling and connection with the energy world.

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Violeta Burja

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