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How to manifest your deepest wishes

It is widely believed that abundance, prosperity, and "good" life are mostly reserved for those born under the "lucky star." Many believe that success requires either the inheritance of a rich family tree, where wealth, privileges and overall happiness are supposedly placed in the cradle, or you are blessed with some miraculous coincidences.

I can say that my story is based on neither of these two. I was not born into a wealth, but into a common working-class family with just enough means to meet the ends, but light years out of any luxury. We had the basics and that was it. And, I don`t believe in coincidences or just pure luck.

Throughout the years, I have learned how my way of thinking, my decisions, my visions, and my energy have affected the course of my life.

And so far, I have achieved exactly what I envisioned for myself, even more. Early in my life, I knew exactly how I wanted my family life to look like. I am very happy and fulfilled on a personal level because my marriage, my husband, my children, and my lifestyle are just what I wished for and dreamed of.

My career path on the other hand has been a challenge with a lot of searches and directions for quite some time until I changed my focus, made some life-changing decisions, and started to follow my inner guidance. Since then, my new vision has begun to manifest in a way that makes me happy. I 'm following the path that I really love, and I'm still dreaming.

How did I do it? I am going to share what I learned, but let me ask you first:

Do you think it is possible for you to create your own future or not? Do you really believe that positive things can happen to you? Do you feel worthy of being happy, respected, cherished, loved, and successful?

Let me just tell you straight away: If your answer is no, you are already blocking your chances to manifest your dreams from the get-go. Why? Because with your whole being you do not support your ideas or wishes.

While we might want something without a question, we often do not think it could happen because we do not know how to do it. Once we begin to think about how to get it, we become full of doubts and immediately reject the idea, because we cannot see any options in our minds.

For example, everyone wants to be rich. But the next thought is, "It's not going to happen anyway. Not to me. There's no way, because ... "(and a million reasons why not). Okay, what about you? Could you really believe (not wish) that you will really have a lot of money on your account and live a life without limits? And what is the real amount for you? I bet there is a difference between the amount you would like to have and the amount you actually believe you will get in this lifetime.

Doubts are the first obstacle in manifesting. We believe that we should know and predict everything otherwise this will not be possible. And, we could not have been more mistaken.

If we undoubtedly have a vision and believe in it, then Universe will support our energy and give us the opportunity to make the idea manifest.

We do not need to know how, or when. Like, I do not doubt if I order something online, I do not cancel and do not question how it will be delivered to my doorstep. I order and I know it is coming to me.

Next, if our emotions are predominantly negative, where we feel negative, scared, disheartened, angry, sad, jealous, hateful, panicked ... we cannot create. Such low vibration energies are not in sync with the high vibration of creating. They just are not on the same level. These are different frequencies and, like with different radio stations, you cannot listen to another when you're tuned into one.

You cannot be a visionary, energetic or excited at the same time as being sad, depressed, lazy, angry, and so on. It really is not possible to do both at the same time.

Let's say, I want to write a book about my job so I can touch as many people as I can with the knowledge about what I do. I know this is my dream and I cannot wait to make it. I even repeat my mantra every day and talk about it all the time.

But if I don't believe that I can do it, because I'm convinced that my skills aren't adequate, my story isn't worth publishing, I 'm afraid of judgment and rejection, I don't have any money, I don't know any publishers, I don't think anyone will ever buy my book, etc. I allow my fears to take control. I get paralyzed and stuck, then frustrated and angry with gazillion excuses why I am not allowed to write a book. Suddenly, I need more time, more knowledge, more content, more help, more money, and this narrative continues forever. All seems to be against me, no one wants to help me, I see blockages everywhere, even accuse others, and my hopes of seeing my book in the shelves are gone. No wonder despite my burning desire I am not even close to starting. Kind of familiar?

Also, we can only receive and attract into our life what resonates with us, with our energy, our beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

To picture this, you should imagine yourself as a magnet that creates these invisible magnetic fields, and only certain types of people, circumstances, resources, objects are pulled by its power. Ever wondered what kind of magnetic field you 're producing? What and whom do you attract and repel?

It probably rings a bell by now that we must first investigate ourselves and lift our energy up to turn the whole situation around and begin to manifest our dreams successfully. Nobody else will do it for us.

When I accepted responsibility for my life, reached into my values, studied my true wishes, confronted my fears, and eventually developed a vision for myself, my dreams began to come true. These are the steps I followed:

1. Take responsibility for your life

You are the creator of your life, and at any time, you have the power to change its course. Understand that your current situation is the result of past decisions, and that it no longer determines you. Alternatively, it provides useful lessons you can use for your own benefit and personal growth. It is only when you change that you reset everything around you and make a breakthrough. Nobody else can do it instead of you or knows you better than you.

2. Connect to yourself and listen to your intuition

Be honest with yourself, and try to answer the following questions in as detail as possible:

  • What is your problem/need?

  • What would you like to change or achieve?

  • What priorities do you have? Which are your core values?

  • What do you want to focus on?

  • How do you see yourself in the future? Can you envision new reality?

  • Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone? What are you willing to sacrifice/invest/change?

  • What stops you from acting - fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear judgement or mockery, fear of not being worthy, fear of change… - and why?

3. Make a decision and create your vision

Choose your personal or business goal and make a firm decision. When you decide what you want to pursue or which project you want to work on, do not hesitate and doubt anymore. Start visualizing it in your mind like it is already real. Put yourself with as many feelings as you can into this new reality and observe your emotions. Keep this vision alive.

4. Ask for a guidance

When you place your faith in the "hands" of higher power, you always ask for things to unfold in a way that is of the highest good to you and to all involved. Things manifest themselves in our best interest, and we always receive a sign in the form of information, an opportunity, a person, or an event. Only our decision is how we respond to it and if we choose to accept or ignore it.

5. Be proactive in achieving your goals

It is always necessary to make a constant effort to work on your desired outcome, to do everything in your power to bring you closer to your goal. Look for opportunities and make the right choices. It is not effective just sitting around and visualizing.

6. Stay in a positive way of thinking and release any negative emotions

As mentioned above, it is particularly important to keep your emotions and thoughts positive so that you can stay in the zone where creation is possible. It is normal to have bad days or moments, and no one is immune to negative emotions. The goal is not to pretend or hide your negative emotions, but rather to express them in a healthy way, to process and release them so that we can re-balance ourselves. Mistakes are also part of the path and enable us to learn from them, to teach us how to correct our actions and to make progress.

7. Believe in yourself and be grateful

Keep your focus on a big picture, on the main goal in every situation, believe in a positive outcome without expectations and in your power and guidance. Trust yourself with your decisions and stay true to your values. Practicing gratitude is one of the most important virtues and allows us to always see the positive side of everything that happens to us and that exists. This way we are aware of the progress and have stronger faith in unknown.

You can now try these steps on your own to start manifesting. I believe you can do this and make your life better. I 'd love to hear how you're doing that.

If you have any questions about these steps, if you need guidance, or if you want to know why you are being blocked, I am here to help.

My passion is to find your blockages, the root cause of your problems, and to help you heal from the past, to release any kind of negativity and unhealthy patterns, and to activate your inner power for positive change.

Let`s connect: +1 210 862 1574

Violeta Burja

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