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I send my prayers to all those who are suffering from these unseen circumstances, especially here in Texas. It has been a devastating and extremely challenging week that caught us by surprise. Now more than ever, we are seeking any help, certainty, hope and relief as we face power outages, water restrictions, food shortages and business closures. We are shocked by the magnitude of the devastation, many are being displaced from their homes right now, and we cannot believe how something like this can happen in such an advanced society.

Nature shows us again how reliable and vulnerable we are, how much we depend on outside sources and how poorly we manage them, how much we take everything for granted.

Ironically, we can see two extremes in our lives this week, side by side. On the one hand, there is complete unpreparedness, mismanagement, and chronic infrastructural malnutrition of our society, which have been fully exposed during this Arctic winter storm, along with our underestimation of natural forces, and on the other hand, we have just witnessed the landing of the "Perseverance" rover on the surface of Mars, which is one of the most technologically advanced, scientifically demanding and organizationally challenging things mankind has been able to do so far.

No wonder we are confused, angry, frustrated, helpless, sad, and scared. Our fundamental existence has been tested for perseverance.

Being without power, shelter, food or water throws us out of balance, and we feel that our energy is shattered all over the place. In a critical situation, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty can easily overwhelm us, and many simply get paralyzed instead of being proactive. Our priorities are to take care of our basic needs, to provide food, water, and safe and warm shelter. We need to remain strong and calm to manage all this better. Only with a clear mind can we think straight, make good decisions, and take effective care of ourselves and our loved ones.

How can we remain calm in all this chaos around us? How to prevent anxiety or panic from taking over?

First, take a couple of deep breaths and take a moment. Focus on breathing and ask yourself how you feel about it. It is okay to feel angry, scared, stressed, frustrated, anxious... it is a normal body's response to a threat. Once you face your emotions, accept them, and do not try to push them away or ignore them. Just breathe and let them get through you. Just like a wave. If you need to cry or express it in any way, do it, do not suppress it, because it is okay and totally human to have all kinds of feelings. Knowing the difference gives us an opportunity to understand ourselves better and to find the right balance within ourselves on an emotional level.

Now, begin to observe your thoughts. What are the scenarios you are playing in your mind? Who is leading the conversation in your head, your fears, or your courage? Are you focused on all the bad things that are going on, or are you already looking for a solution? Do you see yourself as a powerless victim, or as someone who can face and overcome any challenge? We all stop and fall sometimes, but the most important thing is the ability to pick up and not allow yourself to be a victim. The latter only weakens you, prevents you from fully understanding your situation, and keeps you in a spiral of self-pity that only builds up more frustration, anger, and so on.

It is immensely helpful to control your mind from wandering through the horrifying scenarios, and to focus on a positive outcome.

Asking yourself time and time again why me, why now, how this could happen, etc., or pointing fingers at others does not bring peace of mind, on the contrary, such narratives keep your potential locked and prevent you from moving forward. Change your thoughts and focus on something constructive, creative, helpful, and uplifting instead. Try to find one positive thing in your situation, there is always something you can take away from.

To lift yourself up, you need to understand and acknowledge what you are going through, face your frustrations and express them through a healthy outlet, and review your priorities. We are all different, so our ways of releasing negative emotions, of finding some clarity and peace, as well as the strength to persevere in stressful situations, vary. Some may find sporting activities helpful, others may enjoy mindfulness, meditation, prayer, or just walking, others may rely on their families and friends, etc. You need to find a way to get to the point where you feel energized again and anchored inside yourself, regardless of the circumstances of your life.

To access your power center within yourself and balance your energy you need to be connected to your heart and to your inner self.

You can do this by having faith in something greater than yourself, trusting in your inner guidance and practicing gratitude. It is impossible to be in such low emotions as anger, fear, sadness, etc. at the same time as in such high emotions as gratitude, hope, and love. So, make a list of all you love, and you are blessed with. Do not spend your precious energy finding someone to blame for your troubles, turn inwards and balance yourself. Do not waste your resources on changing circumstances that you do not have any influence on, control how you respond instead.

There are always two sides to every situation. It is crucial to see both, to understand what you are going through in a broader context. You may not see the full scope or the big picture of it right away, but with time it gets clearer.

And then you realize that every experience is a blessing in disguise.

Every challenge is first and foremost a catalyst for change. It brings to the surface everything that needs to be improved, modified, transformed, or just released. And this is how we better ourselves and everything around us. This is how we thrive.

Be safe, be strong and persevere.


My purpose is to help empower people on their journey of personal growth through energy healing and spiritual guidance with specialty in finding inner root cause through channeling and connection with the energy world.

For more info about me or my individual sessions explore my website or contact me via (+1) 210-862-1574.

Violeta Burja

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