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Life as a mirror

If you are not happy, don`t change the mirror,

change yourself

I 'm standing in front of the mirror, staring at the woman in the reflection. With blue eyes and blond hair, she's looking at me, and I'm conscious that this picture is who I am, it suits my physical body, even though I may not like everything I see. I mean, be honest, who's totally happy with it all, right? But that is a topic for another article already. The point is that, on a physical level, the mirror shows me exactly who I am.

Let 's say I don't like my hair color anymore. This makes me dissatisfied, unhappy, and even upset. I want my hair to be red. I know I need to do something. You'll probably think, well, just dye your hair and solve your problem. You're right, there's no big deal. If I want to see a different picture, I need to change myself.

In this situation, we all realize that there is nothing wrong with the mirror, right? If I wanted to see a different picture in my mirror with red hair, it would be dumb to demand a change from the mirror. My mirror represents exactly who I am. Even if I break it or substitute it with a new one, it's always going to show me a blond version of myself until I make a difference on me, in my case dye my hair with a different color. It's really easy.

Okay, it's the same thing on a wider scale, when we're not content with our lives.

Observing them, we're all likely to find something we don't like and want to change. Nothing's wrong about that. Not all is going to turn out as we expected. We're not perfect, and life is a work in progress. We learn and grow constantly. That, at least, is the purpose of it.

Take a look at your entire life. What are you seeing? How happy are you with your love life, what kind of relationship do you have with your partner or your spouse? How are you getting along with your parents, what is your relationship with your children? And what about your business relationships and friendships? Are you happy with your financial status and your career? What do you see regarding your home, your hobbies, your goals, your political opinions, your health?

The idea here is to realize that what we see, the people around us, our relationships and our whole life are representative of us. Like a mirror.

The only distinction from the beginning of this article with the blond hair is that this mirror of life represents our psyche rather than your physical appearance. Our reality shows us our inner convictions, our fundamental values, our feelings, and our thoughts reflected in the physical world.

For example, if I'm deeply persuaded or scared that I am not a leader, I can't become one. If I believe I'm missing the skills, courage, and abilities to be in a leadership role, I'm going to struggle. No matter how much I want it, pray for it or invest in it. My inner convictions and fears are stronger than my wishes.

This perception that I am not good enough is imprinted on me and is driven by fear of failure and judgment. Maybe my parents kept telling me that nothing good can come out of me anyway, or the teachers told me I didn't have any talent, or someone called me dumb. There could be several different reasons why we doubt ourselves in the first place.

So, I'm here, blocking myself from within. I can't get the right opportunity, and I can't get an executive role, there's always someone else preferred over me, or I struggle to run my own company, I'm desperate, blame others or unfortunate circumstances and so on. I can't understand why someone else is always lucky, and why my life is so unfair. It's very convenient and easier to blame others for my suffering and point the finger to everyone but me.

Does it sound familiar? This is just one example, but you can apply it to whatever is going on in your life right now and makes you stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled etc. If you want a different future, you have to realize that we are creating our own reality and, this life we live, is a mirror that shows us how we’re doing.

If you don't like what you see, you need to be self-reflective first, take responsibility for it, and then change something within you. Remember, it doesn't make sense to blame the mirror for showing you the picture, you don't like. It makes no sense to get angry and smash the mirror, or to replace it with a better, larger, more costly mirror. It will still show you the same picture.

If I go back to the example about being a leader, I can blame people around me for not helping or encouraging me, I can be angry at the company and leave, I can blame the circumstances in my world, even politics, my upbringing, my parents, or I can even move to another country, but until I change myself, my problem will follow me.

The only solution is to dig inside, discover the root of the problem within us, process it, and release it.

If you want a brighter future, don't expect others to apologize and change, don't wait for the right time or ideal circumstances because you might never get it. Focus on yourself instead and take responsibility for your life and your decisions. Then make a plan how to change those thoughts, beliefs and actions which don`t benefit you anymore.

It's incredible how everything in your life responds to your transformation.

Your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health improve once you implement positive changes in your thinking, release the burdens of your past and take the reins of your life into your hands. Your life exudes healthier dynamics and it reflects your new self-confidence, better self-esteem, positive beliefs, healthy boundaries, optimistic aspirations, high-vibrational feelings like love, happiness, joy, passion, enthusiasm, trust, compassion etc.

Not only that, your world, your reality is changing as well. Your energy is shifting and you're attracting different things into your life. Exciting opportunities are emerging. Your relationships are improving. People who don't resonate with new you, fall away, and new people who align with your renewed energy join your reality. Your life is going to be something different. And, when you look at the mirror again it shows you an image you like, makes you pleased, proud, fulfilled, and happy.

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