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How can energy healing help you?

Today, I want to answer some questions about my sessions and about energy healing. I’ll try to explain it in a short and very simplified way and give you some insight into how everything works. I decided to do this because there`s a lot of unconsciousness, misconception and confusion about it, and many people here simply don`t know much about it, or even less, how beneficial it is.

It’s been known for ages that human body is much more than just a physical body, the one we can touch or see. Ancient texts and old spiritual teachings from thousands of years ago are talking about spirituality, purpose of life and energy within and around us. Each one of us has more layers around a physical body extending outwards from the densest to the finest, all of them invisible to our eyes but not less existent. These are etheric, mental, emotional, astral, spiritual and causal bodies, each pulsing at a higher vibration. Energy is not stagnant, it`s vibrating, flowing through all these bodies, as we connect to energy around us and responding to it.

In our lives we go through different life situations, and relationships, as we face challenges and lessons all the time, and we’re constantly making decisions how to respond. We do that based on our knowledge, beliefs, mental ability, emotional state and spiritual awareness we possess. Our experiences (good or bad), our thoughts, our emotions, and our feelings all get stored in our energy levels. And here, on our energy levels is where we first develop imbalance of our energy flow.

Why? There are many root causes, and during my healing sessions I’m able to discover them: I see anything from childhood or adult traumatic events, emotional or physical abuse, unhealthy relationships with parents, spouses, etc., accidents, death of loved ones, abortions, lack of love and care from family, and much more. They cause low vibrations in our energy and they manifest as our fears, sadness, anger, hate, jealousy, resentment, inability to forgive or love, hopelessness, blocked creativity, unhappiness… and, if not processed and healed, they stop us from living our lives successfully. As they affect us on a deep energy level, we develop negative beliefs, destructive thoughts and emotions. And these drive our decisions and actions. We can also find ourselves in unhealthy behavioral patterns or in relationships that are not beneficial for us in any way.

Blockages in our energy manifest in the physical world in different ways. We might sense that something is blocking us, we don`t feel good, we experience physical or emotional pain, are restless, stressed out or unhappy with our lives and cannot get out of unhealthy situation. When energy is off, people can have anything from lighter to more severe symptoms, from strictly physical to emotional or mental issues, accidents, pain, chronic illnesses or even death. The longer we are out of balance, because we might not find the source of the problem or we simply resist, distract or numb ourselves and look away from finding the right solution, the more severe is the manifestation of the blockage in the physical world.

Our inner state on these deep energy levels reflects in our lives as a mirror image, in a good and a bad way. What we carry inside, is simply projected into our lives and we not only act in alignment with it, but also attract those circumstances, people, things and events that resonate with that energy. For example, if throughout your childhood you were ignored, neglected or constantly told that you were really bad, you accepted that belief and as an adult you still think you`re not good enough, not worthy of love or you even hate yourself. As long as you believe this is true and your energy vibrates on this low frequency, you will continue to experience such pattern in your relationships and life events. The good news is that it works in both ways, also for the positive things in our lives. This is what Law of Attraction is teaching us as well.

In order to change your life, you need to first decide you really want a change and are ready to make it happen. Then, in my opinion, you need to find the source of the problem and take a holistic approach to healing, not just focus on easing the symptoms (whatever they are). It`s very beneficial to know what causes your problems on an energy level because it gives you a completely new perspective of the connection between your body, mind and soul. In my sessions, when I discover and further to clients the information about the origin of their problems, how they manifested and how they’re affecting their lives, they’re able to see things from a different perspective, release their blockages and start healing. New awareness also helps to make more positive changes and enables well-being and further personal growth.

I hope you got a glimpse into the very basic side of human energy field and its connection to a physical body, and how important it is to recognize that not just our words and actions, but also our thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on creating our reality. In a “good” and a “bad” way.

When you’re ready to explore more about yourself and bring positive changes into your life, I'll be happy to help you with discovering your blockages and releasing them.

Love and light!

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