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Are you present?

Have you also noticed the time passes by faster each year? Sometimes I have a feeling like my life has been spinning in The Large Hadron Collider because so many things are happening in my life all the time. Whomever I talk to, they share the same feeling of everything going too fast. It might have to do something with aging (although I refuse this theory 😊) or living in this modern era of constant enormous information exposure. Some spiritualists say, time is accelerating as the frequency of our dimension is shifting. Whatever it is, we can`t influence it, we can only adjust to it.

So, it`s important to really cherish every moment of your life, to experience and embrace it consciously and not get distracted with the irrelevant things. Because, the next second, it’s just the memory in the past, and if we’re going through life with closed eyes we’ll miss here and now, we won`t see the beauty of the nature, the colorfulness of our world, we won`t hear the true meaning of the conversation or experience the joy of sharing the time with our loved ones.

Since my last blog post, my life has been very busy and filled with quite some changes. As so many times before, there were some interesting life lessons brought to my attention. It took me a little bit more time to publish this post because I really wanted to stop for a moment, embrace everything that came my way, and reflect on the things before moving on. It’s been revealing in many ways but I`m glad I had my eyes open all the way and was able to learn my part.

The most important two things I want to share about my recent journey are these:

First, I had to learn about being patient. Patience, also called a mother of wisdom, is also a form of action, we must know when to stop instead of pushing against the wall and accept that things happen when it’s the right time and place for them. You just must keep going, moving into the right direction, step by step… and everything will fall into place, the results will come.

Second, the power of letting go and accepting the new circumstances, not only with your brain but also with your heart. Oh, so many times we are incredible with understanding things, explaining them and logically accepting them… yes, on a mental level, but how about the emotional one? It`s important to do it in your heart, too, to be able to move on. This applies to everything in our lives, but in my case, it had to do with my twin daughters moving to a college this year. One change like this affects your life on more than one level, from family dynamics to switching the priorities, and rediscovering inner power in completely new ways.

But all these lessons are great, being in the moment, cherishing everything that comes your way and discovering something new every day means fully living your life. It enables you to take advantage of your potential, and to create your future with a positive attitude. Nobody says, it’s easy, sometimes it’s very challenging to be fully present (and I don`t mean physically), to confront all the fears and think about the hard stuff. Yes, it’s much easier to just distract yourself with having fun, pretend like nothing has changed and living ignorantly, without any introspection. But it`s much more rewarding and long-lasting being awaken and exploring your potential. It`s only our choice, either you decide to be present here and now or like Dalai Lama said of unfortunate ones, “to live as if you are never going to die and die having never lived”.

I made my choice a long time ago,


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