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How I started discovering the world of invisible?

My journey towards healing work started about 30 years ago, when I had my first (of many) experiences with seeing and feeling the energy that surrounds us; the force that is a part of our existence and very much affects our lives in this physical world if we want it or not; yet still most people don`t know much about it neither are many aware of this power within themselves. Through this blog, I’ll share with you some insight into my experience with the world of energy, into the lessons that I learned throughout many years of taping into this powerful source and how you can connect to this power within you to experience happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

I was walking down the narrow street in the downtown of Ljubljana, my home town in Slovenia, when suddenly, something interesting caught my attention. It was a big poster for a Hatha Yoga course. That was something new in the city (yes, it was decades ago 😊). I was 18 at the time and had heard about yoga just briefly a few times before but never tried it. But this time, I immediately felt that this could be something and before I thought about it twice, I was there. Yoga was considered very exotic (to say the least) thing at the time. It was in the eighties! It was nothing like today, nowadays yoga is trendy, almost everybody at least tried it and the whole world talks about the benefits of it in every media there is.

So, there I was, every week learning and practicing yoga poses - asanas, deep breathing through my core and, for the first time in my life, I started practicing short meditations, too. It was exciting; the teacher learned her skills in India from the gurus and was very knowledgeable and versed in all kinds of poses. I loved the course from the first moment, and couldn`t wait till the end of each meeting when we laid down on our yoga mats and started with our meditation. Of course, meditating was unusual in the beginning, with all kinds of questions running through my head, while I tried to think of nothing. But soon, it became very natural to me to just observe the thoughts, like clouds at the sky coming and going, release the tension in my body and achieve that ocean of calmness inside of myself. At that time, I wasn`t even thinking about anything else and neither I knew much about the spirituality, except from the religious teachings I received during my catholic upbringing. So, I had no expectations whatsoever, the whole thing was more of a good stretching exercise for me, with some nice relaxation at the end. That was pretty much it, at least so I thought.

But that was all about to change! One day, we just finished with all the asanas for the day, and we laid on our backs, did some usual breathing exercises, when our yoga instructor told us to visualize our favorite color. I was very relaxed, with closed eyes, and suddenly… I SAW! Crazy beautiful colors started to appear in front of me like a wave, constantly moving in a direction away from me, one after the other, so vivid and bright, as I would see them with my open eyes. I was in awe, just observing the whole rainbow dancing, with colors intertwined into each other, following each other in a movement, over and over again. I was aware of my body being in that room but at the same time I felt the presence of something enormously beautiful and loving, knowing I was looking at more than just mere colors. It was alive, this energy was moving, and I felt so happy. Although I heard the instructor already guiding us to the next part of our short meditation, I didn`t want this experience to end, so I watched a little bit longer, enjoyed every second of it. When we finished, and I finally had to open my eyes, I was still under a huge impression of what just had happened. I shared it with my yoga teacher who was very surprised, she didn`t expect something like that, especially not from a newbie. She was very mysterious and told me, I would get the answers when the time was right. Of course, I wanted to know right there and then, what was that rainbow I saw, and what it meant.

Little did I know then, that rainbows would follow me everywhere for years to come. Not only have I started seeing more colors in my meditative state, the whole rainbows were appearing to me in the most unexpected situations and places ever since. Always as a good sign, support and guidance from the world, beyond the physical one. It took me some time to finally start getting answers and much deeper insight into the world of unknown, into the spiritual realm, which is still unseen to many. My abilities and understanding have evolved to completely new levels since that beginning but I was hooked, right there and then, that experience changed my life and my curiosity went over the roof. I had to know more, I had to find out where this was coming from and why me.

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