I have been dedicated to helping people with their emotional, physical, or spiritual changes on their life journey , because I truly believe that we are all connected on a deeper level and create this world together. I also think that most people are not aware of their inner strength, and that by learning how to use it, they can live a different reality.


My passion is not only to help people heal from their pain, but also to recognize and understand the harmful patterns of life and the root causes that affect their lives, to learn from them and to make meaningful changes. For the last 30 years, I have been researching spirituality and metaphysics, learning and practicing various alternative healing methods and constantly developing my intuitive and healing skills to help others heal, transform and move forward.

My journey began in my late teens when I was introduced to meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises, and my first vision left me breathless and intrigued. I'm writing about this first encounter in my first blog post. Soon after, through my very deep emotional struggle, I learned firsthand about the power of my mind, about my inner strength, and how to use my abilities to make meaningful changes in my life.

Over the years, I've also learned about my extrasensory abilities and been inspired by and learned from several teachers, but I've also had a lot of interesting experiences that have given me a lot of opportunities to practice what I've learned and test my skills in real life. I use all this knowledge and my rich personal experience combined with my gift of seeing deep layers of one's energy matrix and communicating with the spiritual world to help my clients heal and grow. 

In my personal life, my husband and my daughters are my soulmates, along with our chocolate brown Labrador. I love everything creative, from photography to decorating and cooking, being out in nature or traveling, learning about history and different cultures, but particularly catching up with inspiring, open-minded people and talking about life. A special place in my heart is devoted to my beautiful homeland of Slovenia and my friends. Music is the sound of my soul, because I've loved dancing and singing since I was a child.

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